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Ancient Mysteries Tarot


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About the author/artist

Roger in Peru, 2001

Roger Calverley's creative output springs from a contemplative, mystical journey in meditation. Ancient Mysteries Tarot is based on a series of inner experiences and insights which came to him in the early part of 2003. After drafting major sections of the book, he visited Machu Piccu and other Inca sites in Peru. Then, on returning home, he began work on the Ancient Mysteries Tarot Deck. Roger has been giving classes and workshops on Tarot and divination ever since that time.
The artwork from The Ancient Mysteries Tarot Deck comes from a series of watercolour paintings that record his exploration of temples and sacred art from the Mystery School tradition. He has visited sacred sites in Egypt, Crete, Sri Lanka, India, Greece, South-east Asia, Europe and Peru.
The years 1989 - 1999 were spent teaching university and establishing a meditation centre in Thailand, as well as lecturing by invitation on meditation in major cities across Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand. Roger has spent time at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India and bases his work on the inner guidance he receives from his spiritual path.
As the director of the Integral Yoga Meditation Centre, he coordinates a daily program of group meditation and study, as well as weekly meetings for a growing number of spiritual seekers who live in the Lindsay/Peterborough area.

Roger uses music as a way of reaching and opening the spiritual heart. His original albums include Celtic Mysteries, Avalon, Celtic Mysteries II and Bard of Hearts. His public harp performances are experiences of meditation and reverie. Roger's published books include The Healing Gems, The Language of Crystals, Meditation for people on the go, Radionics and Self-development and Mantric Music. He is currently working on a project called The Primal Runes, which is an exploration of the most ancient runes from pre-historic Europe.
Roger continues to paint and draw along with other hobbies such as gardening and spending time at his forest retreat, north of Lindsay.