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Ancient Mysteries Tarot


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The Book of Water

"Before the words come, the feeling must be there. Water signifies a flow of deep feeling. In the House of Water, the power of love holds sway. It brings about harmony, beauty, and a deep desire for inner fulfilment. This sign unites those who care about relationship, and they build bonds of friendship through the days of their lives. The deep water of feeling nurtures creativity and spirituality in the heart. For those who are receptive, the living waters from a deep well of spirit bring mystical vision, devotion and inner calm. But just as water flows, emotions fluctuate, and the currents of lower desire sometimes become turbid. If you seek divine wisdom, or visions of supernal beauty and if you would hear the harmonious music of the spiritual heart, this House of Water is a place where you will be at home. The pull of Eros is not to be denied. Through smiles and tears, with passion and devotion, in friendship, in marriage and in mystical union the love god calls..."
(pp. 212)

Sample images:

One of Water

Six of Water

Page of Water

King of Water