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Ancient Mysteries Tarot


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The Book of Air

"In the Book of Air, She (The Supreme Mother) is sometimes misunderstood. In essence this house expresses Her wisdom aspect. Her majesty, Her wideness, Her impartial justice open the doors of knowledge within the human mind and raise humanitys understanding to full clarity. In reality, The Mother of Air has a heart of endless and universal compassion. Her punishments are blessings in disguise, Her decrees are immutably in harmony with Truth. If mankind experiences Her presence and action most often in stress and conflict, it is because human thinking has not yet embraced wisdom. In each and every case, suffering comes to a pilgrim soul because it has departed from the path of wisdom. The difficulties experienced in the Book of Air can be attributed to this. When we cease moving toward the light, we withdraw our assent from the gentle guidance of wisdom, and suffering becomes the teacher. Who has caused this to happen?" Our own choice. (pp. 219-220)

One of Air

Eight of Air

Ten of Air

Page of Air

King of Air