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Ancient Mysteries Tarot


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The Book of Earth

"In the Book of Earth, one becomes a worker with precise knowledge, patience, a skilful hand and a discerning judgement. In the European tradition, sometimes, the symbol of a coin is used, as if to suggest that this house governs business, investment and finance. Wealth accrues when we learn from the Earth Mother, but the true wealth is the capacity for perfect work. The worker is himself the product of the Mothers inner craftsmanship. The Mother works inwardly to perfect the worker. It is the perfecting of the soul in its capacity to work with matter that concerns the Mother of Earth. Her action is tireless, laborious and minute, persistent, gradual and flawless. In the House of Earth, the soul becomes a channel for the Mothers perfectionism in detailed labours of all kinds."
(pp. 228-229)

Sample images:

One of Earth

Five of Earth

Six of Earth